Hands On New Smartwatches with Qualcomm 3100

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Traditionally smartwatches haven't been what I'd call great. You have to charge them every day. Companies had to get creative about power management with either a secondary screen or none at all.

Some were either Fitness watches or luxury but not both and even if most claimed to help you stay healthy their fitness services aren't the best.

New Smartwatches with Qualcomm Snapdragon 3100

New Smartwatches with Qualcomm Snapdragon 3100

I'm profoundly mentally better with pocket now and let's talk about the new Qualcomm Snapdragon wear 3100 platforms. So and let's show the architecture of how a SmartWatch operates was rethought from the ground up.

What makes the new 3100 platform special is this tiny little coprocessor, that took two years too. Holcomb has discovered that the average SmartWatch user only interacts with the full capabilities of it for five percent of the time. So the company has developed an alternative for the other 95 percent.

The new coprocessor has the power to make most SmartWatch essentials work on its own And then becomes far more powerful in conjunction with the regular processor. Allows three critical experiences that we were able to see in a concept design at the event. The first is an enhanced ambient mode powered by the coprocessor.

New Smartwatches Snapdragon 3100 Colors

Luxury brands want their watches to stand out. Instead of just showing a dead display. And this isn't only an always-on display that you knew before. We're talking about 16 color options. A quiet second-hand lives complications and even ambient light sensor support to have the screen adapt to the light surrounding.

It this means that your watch face will look great regardless of what mode you're in, This also enables a secondary experience which is called traditional watch mode. If your watch were ever to run low on battery the wear OS portion of the clock shuts down.

Qualcomm 3100 Smartwatches Battery

Qualcomm 3100 Smartwatches Battery

But instead of walking around with a dead watch this allows most of the features of the enhanced ambient mode to work, Meaning you'll still get a watch face with hours seconds and minutes and even day complications. At 50 percent battery, the watch can work for up to a week on this mode.

And a crazy 30 days of you decide to go traditional watch mode when fully charged. The third which launches early next year is a dedicated sports mode. The coprocessor allows up to 15 hours of fitness activities versus a regular three that you get today.

Qualcomm 3100 Smartwatches Feature

Qualcomm 3100 Smartwatches Feature

Includes using both the GPS in the heart rate sensor at the same time etc. another improvement is that OMS can now provide their algorithms and applications to customize the fitness experience of using the watch. Opens the door to new project stamina that Qualcomm teased for a significant Fitness brand to join the platform early next year.

Last but not least welcome affirms its relationship with Google and Guero. For the rest of the time that your watch is not idle, you'll be able to access everything the mobile operating system is capable. I even had a chance to play with the new ware or Wes, and I really liked what I saw.

and then there are other enhancements like an updated and a C chip that takes advantage of smaller antennas. The power management system has simplified. The DSP the sensors etc. were all redone to be more efficient. Battery life improvements depend on the battery size display etc.

But the company claims that they can vary from four to up to twelve hours again depending on your hardware. So when can you get it? Well, the Montblanc summit two will be the first in October with a fossil group. Even Louis Vuitton following later this year. So yes this is the Qualcomm Snapdragon wear 3100.

I have to admit I am excited from the experience that. I had with the concept design I think that smartwatches finally had the break that they needed.