OnePlus 6 Android P Beta

Android Pie / P ( Beta Test ) on Oneplus 6

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What's up guys, today we're taking a look at the Android Pi beta for the one plus six. Now Android Pi has been available for the one plus six for a little while now, but it's been in Developer Preview form, and this is the very first beta and if you're coming from the previous Android Pi builds.

There's not going to be a ton of changes but if you're coming from the more stable builds the Android Oreo oh you're going to notice a lot of changes. So let's go over what those are, so the first significant change that you're going to see is what the navigation gestures.

Preview Android Pie Beta on OnePlus6

So they've updated the navigation gestures to include the Android PI navigation. You also have the option of using the I guess you can call them old-school navigation buttons with back home and recent apps. Then, of course, the Android Pi version or Google's implementation is with the pill shape button, which you can tap on to go home.

Android Pie on The Oneplus 6

You can also swipe up to go to your recent apps, or you can slide across left and right on the pill shape button itself to scroll through them. Then, of course, you have the back button for going back. Then there's one plus an implementation which is very similar to the iPhone 10.

Where if you swipe up it'll take you home, swipe up and hold and it'll take you to your recent apps. Then if you swipe up on either the left or right side, it'll just make you back another.

Significant change is the gaming mode it's been updated to version 3.0. You could find this under utilities and then gaming mode, and you now have notifications for third-party calls. It can also show your notifications with just text only.

Do not disturb mode is also updated as well you can now set a schedule. So you can pick anywhere between 15 minutes all the way up to 12 hours. you can also choose when you want do not disturb to turn on. Which is something that you couldn't do with previous builds?

Oneplus 6 Android P Beta

OnePlus 6 Android P Beta
OnePlus 6 Android P Beta

Those are pretty much all the significant changes with this Android Pi beta. If you're coming from the dev previews, you won't notice a whole ton of changes But if you're coming from Oreo, you're gonna see a lot of aesthetic differences the notification shade looks different.

They've also updated shelf you'll notice that the cards are ever so slightly transparent. You might not be able to see it that well on camera but take my word for it. They are somewhat open and then the breaks in between the cards have also been color matched the cards themselves.

So if you're on a light theme, the breaks will be light. If you're on the dark subject, obviously the tears will be dark.

Android Pie on OnePlus 6

Android Pie on OnePlus 6

You'll also notice that the labels on the cards have now had an icon next to them. So it just makes the shelf look a little bit nicer and a little bit more refined. They've also re-implemented the beam engine. You now can customize the UI with different colors. Which are under display so again you can pick from a light or dark theme or colorful.

If you want and you can also pick different accent colors. So if you have like red purple blue green or whatever color, that is you want select it hit OK. You'll see that it starts to change the color. Here now everything is green including the toggles in the shade itself. But that is pretty much all the significant, significant changes with the Android Pi beta.