Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Review – Finally Coming

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Is the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. you know it's funny, we've spent years hearing Samsung repeating the same catchphrase. The next big thing is here, and then failing to deliver.

But then really this Samsung Galaxy unpacked mentioned nothing. No overhyped slogans, no gimmicks heck we even saw products announce that we weren't expecting. The first time that I filled the next big thing is here. I'm a high amenity that I with pocket now and this is our review of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Review

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Review - Finally Coming
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Review

So here's the thing, when picking a daily driver I care more about essentials. Asked to look and feel good perform well take great photos and that battery life. Has to last me at least through the end of the day sadly. We're still in this event or game when, it comes to phones where you either get one thing right or the other.

But the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 seems to be one of the exceptions for 2018. Call the design iterative all you want one of the things that. I've learned is that design changes always come at the expense of refinements. Like its predecessor, the Galaxy Note 9 takes sighs seriously.

I don't think that it's just that it's large but the sharp corners that make it seem and feel more substantial. It's not that much different than the galaxy s 9 plus. I do love the build of the glass in the aluminum. The ocean blue color with the yellows-pen even if the fingerprints are still a thing.
I also praised improvements like the reachable fingerprint scanner. Even if that only really applies to large hands like mine. I am gonna call the Galaxy Note 9 the king of content consumption. The six points of four-inch Super AMOLED infinity display is still the best in the market, with excellent color saturation and brightness.

To make the screen larger without sacrificing footprint Samsung shrunk the bottom vessel a bit sort of like what we saw with the active line.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Speakers

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Speakers

Dual firing speakers also finally cut, and these are plenty loud for watching parking out videos on the go and subscribing to our channel as a well shameless plug. Tucked inside we have the best specifications that 2018 has to offer. There are the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 options for six eggs of RAM and 64 gigs of expandable storage or eight gigs of RAM and a whopping 512 gigs of storage that you can then expand to up to one terabyte through microSD.

There are a massive 4000 milliamp-hour battery, fast wireless charging, and Ivy 68 water and dust resistance like seriously everything but the kitchen sink.

Is my first ever Galaxy Note review, or I dedicate a segment to the s-pen. I feel that it finally deserves. It this is still your standard s-pen with it tip that feels I give your writing with a sharpie. You can again use it to be artistic or to doodle notes even when your screen is off. And yes it can be your surrogate Mouse now and then but not all applications support features like scrolling.

What's changes the new Bluetooth LE functionality and the fact that even if it requires you to charge it, you won't have to worry about that thanks to the built-in supercapacitor that charges it internally in just minutes. Allows you to use it as a remote for photos, music playback, a video you name it.

What's amazing it looks no different than any of its predecessors. I use it a lot for things like OneNote for work, but your mileage will vary as to how much you use the s-pen.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Android Pie

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Android Pie

Another thing that I'd wish that I see this phone is running Android Pi out of the box. We're currently still on Android 8.1 Oreo with Samsung's old UI, and well it looks and feels no different than the Galaxy Note 8., and that's something that worries me as Samsung is notorious for taking its time with software updates.

Now not everything is terrible I do praise Samsung's good taste and aesthetics. I like the fact that you can glide through menus very quickly and probably one of my favorite features continues to be the edge menus which I always use to check on my calendar or Collin application or pairs which I depend on pretty much every day. Samsung has spent the last couple of years being ahead of the curve when it comes to features when compared to stock Android and things like multi-window for example.

So I do understand that this UI to a certain degree serves a purpose. I've been using the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 for two weeks in New York City as my daily driver. I'll tell you this much I did a separate video that I recommend you watch on how much this phone demolishes its competition and data speeds.

Compared Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with iPhone X


Compared Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with iPhone X

We've compared it to devices like the iPhone 10, and it significantly outperforms them on the t-mobile network. I can't say the call quality is superior though but it's okay. Performance playing games are great.

Features like game launcher help and it seems that the whole water carbon cooling system works, cause I haven't felt this phone heat up or slowed down in any way. And asked for the most important essential. for this to be a notepad replacement. I am glad to report that battery life is finally a non-issue.

Last time that I praised the Galaxy Note for its battery was the note 3, and this phone delivers just as well. I've managed to end every single day on a charge, and I've been taxing this phone as my only device, even if I usually carry two.

Still, there are things about the experience that I find a bit annoying. I've noticed vixx P is not as reliable as it used to be and I hate that you can't disable the button like you could on the known date, so I end up launching it by accident three out of five times I pull it out of my pocket.

vixx be home also slows down the UI ever so often when you launch it from the home screen, and I've also noticed bugs like the phone having issues switching between the speaker and Bluetooth and specific apps. Which could be a third party application issue, and an addition even some minor stalls in camera.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Colors

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Colors

But it usually only happens in third-party apps like Instagram. Which I assume are other things that have to be ironed out. Now the cameras story is interesting because you think that this is a galaxy S9 plus with an S Pen, but it's not.

It seems that Samsung has made some changes to its post-processing because this phone has given me some of the most beautiful photos that I've taken lately. The variable aperture helps that adapt to situations you get great color. But I noticed that saturation had been toned down to now be more pleasing to the eye.

More natural, I'd say I took all these photos with a company scene detection on and I guess they were right. I'm not going to say that it's always accurate and detecting what it sees, but I will praise the results the photos are gorgeous.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Announcement

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Announcement

The same goes for low-light performance where the camera does a better job at not blowing the highlights. Though I will tell you that the issues with moving subjects that we saw with the galaxy s9 are still here. I also love things like portrait mode, not just because of its accuracy but because life focus allows you to tone it up to tone it down or turn it off after the fact. Also continues to be the only phone that I trust for selfies.

Not just because of its brighter aperture but because the field of view is more extensive than average. I even feel that I lose a few pounds with them which I know some people care. And then Samsung Galaxy phones have also gained my respect in video recording. We've got great stabilization while walking, 4k video at 60 frames per second. Super slow-mo at 960 frames per second. At 720p with a little more recording time available.

Now I have noticed an exciting change in the crop when it comes to selfie video. The plant is not as tight as it was with the Galaxy has a 9 Plus. But I don't notice the stabilization that. I had with the s9 + well I don't know if I like this or not yet.

To conclude let's address the most important elephant in the room when it comes to the Galaxy Note 9. This phone costs $1000, I have a hard time justifying that price for any phone. But there are some significant things to consider.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Price

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Price

First, the Galaxy Note 8 wasn't that much cheaper when it launched. If we were to compare it to another $1000 phone. Well, the note 9 has a better screen three times more RAM double the storage. That's also expandable more battery life and a better set of cameras.

And if you watched the speed test video that. I recommended it's also miles better and I mean miles better when it comes to data speeds. And best of all US carriers are already packed with deals. Bundles for you to be able to save some money if you go for the Galaxy Note 9.

Again I'm not saying that any phone is worth $1000. But if it were my cache if I have to choose just one $1000 phone. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 would be the phone that I would pick. Once again that Vanguard device that challenges the market with a lot more for your money. So far without a doubt, this is my favorite phone of 2018.