3 Things Why Buy Entry-level Smartphone Loss

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3 Things Why Buy Entry-level Smartphone Loss - As we know, the smartphone market divided into three segmentation. The top is the flagship smartphone market to segments. Underneath there are middle-class smartphone market and the very bottom is the entry-level smartphone market or lower class.

Flagship smartphone market will usually be controlled by a device that sold at a price of high, i.e., a minimum of $600. Is reasonable because it is a smartphone which is in class flagship will fill with features and advanced technology.

While smartphones are in the middle class aka the mid-range will be sold at a price relatively affordable, but cannot be called cheap, too. Then the last segment, namely the entry-level with expensive cheap smartphones.

Friendly prices have become the main reason, why smartphones are in the entry-level segment could be sold. Some people do not want to spend a lot of money to buy a smartphone, with a reason of "Save."

However, entry-level smartphone buying cheap turns out to also bring losses. Three it will show losses if the bought entry-level smartphone.

Minimal Technology if Buy Entry-level Smartphone

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huawei entry level phone

Technology sped up so fast. Existing technologies in the industry gadget move so quickly compared to other gadget industry. Almost every year we always presented new smartphone that comes with features and technology that is also new.

But, the features and the latest technology are usually only found on the flagship and mid-range. While the smartphone into the entry-level class or the lower class usually will come with the usual features.

However, we must recognize that entry-level smartphone indeed developed with the production of a cheap fare. And typically, the entry-level smartphone also comes with the standard features to meet the needs of everyday users, such as to social media, browsing, and chat.

We cannot expect much with components and modules of hardware that planted into the entry-level smartphone. This Smartphone comes with a hardware module whose performance lost much with the flagship smartphone and mid-range.

The Design and Materials Used are Less Attractive

buy entry-level smartphone
Entry Level Smartphone Xiaomi 5A

Currently, most of the upscale smartphone comes with an eye-catching design. Manufacturers are also starting to dare to package his smartphone with many colors.

But don't expect much with the eye-catching designs will find the entry-level smartphone. As we know, some entry-level smartphone also packaged with "cheap" materials, such as polycarbonate plastic.

It is a plastic material that is not easily scratched or broken. But when in contact with the hands, the first impression that will we feel is lightly and frail. Not only that, in a display of plastic material looks mediocre, no unique feeling.

Unlike the flagship smartphone or the middle class, the devices in this class come up with a more solid material, such as metal or metal. Smartphones are usually also used a strong layer of glass.

Cycle Replace Smartphones So Much Faster

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Entry Level LG L60

Buy entry-level smartphone because you want to save money? I think not! As already explained above, the entry-level smartphone only provided the technology and hardware of the lower classes. Related to this, it is of course not attached hardware.

What does it mean? Hardware installed cannot survive long periods of time. Also, every application there are also continually update. Therefore, it is even more recent hardware support.

From here we can know so that the cycle of hardware in the entry-level has an age that is arguably very short. Unlike the flagship or middle class that usually has hardware support for more extended periods of time.

The time will come where the entry-level smartphone was not getting updates of the operating system because the hardware does not meet the standard requirement. So we must buy a new smartphone to be able to enjoy the new features as well. Please leave your comment if you like with 3 Things Why Buy Entry-level Smartphone Loss article.