6 How n Tips Eliminate Mildew Camera Smartphone Fast and Clean

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6 How n Tips Eliminate Mildew Camera Smartphone Fast - Smartphone camera dewy results make snapshots photo not maximum looks opaque and dull. Typically, dew settles on Smartphone cameras due to exposure to rainwater. Camera Smartphone will be dewy due to rain.

There is dew on Smartphone camera difficult disappears. Do you have a problem like last? On this occasion, AndroidTick will share tips to eliminate moisture in the camera. Want to know tips and tricks?

6 How n Tips Eliminate Mildew Camera Smartphone Fast

1. Sunlight

Sun Light - 6 How n Tips Eliminate Mildew Camera Smartphone Fast

If how to eliminate mildew in a camera Smartphone this one might be arguably somewhat risky. Why? Because, if you don't do it right instead of camera  will be more opaque. Worse again will damage Your camera. You do not need to worry because we will give you tips and tricks to avoid damaging Your Smartphone camera.

First, you need to put your Smartphone in a container that can withstand exposure to sunlight directly. If a Smartphone directly exposes to the Sun, it will cause damage to camera. Then, put container contains your mobile in a place exposed to the Sun. Drying Smartphone that is in a container or pouch to dew on camera evaporated.

Little information is also that this way will only be useful for a camera that has a bit of dew. If the Smartphone camera has a lot of moisture, it will be tough to remove it with this method. And, you should not be too long to let the sun-exposed even though Smartphone has already entered into the container. If it is too long, then it will make Your Smartphone dirty hit by dust.


2. Blow Dryer

Hair Dryer
Hair Dryer

Hair dryers can also be used to vaporize, or You remove dew in a camera Smartphone. Any usage is easy, you need to turn on a blow dryer and dry camera that dewy with a blow dryer. Don't forget to turn off the phone first.

Lack of use of a blow dryer, it may be your hand will feel sore about having to hold blow dryer is a little longer. And also, you have to be careful because of the possibility of dew on camera thus will be pushed deeper. As a result, dew would be more difficult to eliminate.

3. Silica Gel

Silica Gell
Silica Gell

How to remove mildew on the camera first Smartphone is with Silica Gel. Little information, Silica Gel is usually to be found when you buy new shoes. The function of Silica Gel to keep stay dry.

Based on these functions, then you can also use it to remove moisture in a camera. You can get off battery part Smartphone (if removable battery) or may be located only REC  in a container. Then, sprinkle Silica Gel around Smartphone near the Smartphone camera.

You can just shut down meetings of a container and let Smartphone with Silica Gel in a container within dew overnight until missing. How Do You want to try how to eliminate mildew in a camera  by using Silica Gel?

4. Light Bulb

Light Bulb
Light Bulb

What if the weather is overcast and there was no Sun? If so You can take advantage of the heat of the lamps to evaporate the dew that is in a camera. How to eliminate mildew in a camera Smartphone using any lights just as easy.

First, you need to turn off the smartphone and lay flat on a pedestal. Point your Smartphone camera lenses up or put the camera lens at the top of Smartphone. Then, highlight light towards the camera Smartphone until dew evaporates at the camera. 6 How n Tips Eliminate Mildew Camera Smartphone Fast.

5. Notebook Fan

Notebook Fan
Notebook Fan

Also one of the easiest ways to eliminate moisture in the camera because you only need to make use of a laptop that is illuminating, rather heck harness fan laptop. First, you need to put smartphones in addition to a Notebook that is illuminating.

Make sure you put it near Notebook fan. Then, you can let stand a while until the dew lost. For the way that it is also useful because not enough fan laptop, potentially breathed dust-dust and dirt from the machine. So, don't let your Smartphone too long near a laptop fan, Yes.

6. Rice


In addition to Silica Gel, there is also rice that can absorb moisture in a camera Smartphone. Utilizing rice to eliminate moisture in any Smartphone cameras, just as easy by using Silica Gel. First, you can input a Smartphone and rice into a container of same.

After that, you can close the meeting of a container containing Smartphone and Rice had said. Then, let Smartphone along with rice for a day or a few hours. Easy, right? However, how to eliminate mildew in camera Smartphone using rice are dirtier when compared to Silica Gel. It's just that, rice easily obtain than Silica Gel. 6 How to Eliminate Mildew Camera Smartphone Fast n Safe.

Tips to Camera Smartphone Not Dewy

Although there are various ways of eliminating dew in Smartphone's camera, it would be more worthwhile if you prevent dew comes to Your camera. Yes, blocking is better than cure. Therefore, we will also give you some tips so that there is no dew on Smartphone camera, following his tips:

1. Wrap Smartphone With a Cloth

Cloth Case
Cloth Case

Typically, most people would wrap Smartphone with plastic. Okay, but is more effective if you cover a Smartphone with a layer of fabric. So, first, you can foil your Smartphone with a cloth that you then input into plastic.

The goal is, and capable of absorbing the change in temperature will change unexpectedly, when it rains. Also, Cain offered can minimize cold temperatures at the time of rain so that your Smartphone will be maintained at temperature, not too cold and not too warm.

2. Close All Applications

Close All Apps
Close All Apps

Nowadays, anti-camera water becomes a trend, and you can take your Smartphone in water. However, when you make your Smartphone swim in the circumstances, all applications run then potentially  camera dewy.
Although Your Smartphone water resistant, nonetheless you should lift Smartphone to surface occasionally. Like earlier then unlikely there was dew in Your camera. Oh yes, these tips apply to Smartphone user is waterproof. Don't carry a Smartphone into the water if You don't have a Smartphone specifications water resistant, Yes.

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