Find Name Object Around You, Simple Apps just Photo It

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Find Name Object Around You, Simple Apps just Photo It - Do you guys ever get confuse figuring what the name of the object that is around us? This time we will discuss an application on Android and iOS that serves to make it easier for you guys do know what the name of the object.

The application is named CamFind, the Visual Search Engine application it will take pictures by way of photoo. Then the application will identify what these objects passing characteristics, such as shape, color, uses up to its brand. Once the characteristics already known, then CamFind will search the results via the internet.

Find Name Object Around You
Camfind Apps - Find Name Object Around You

How do I use it? First of all download CamFind Android or iOS and install it as usual in the smartphone. Furthermore you can open applications and give the necessary permissions.

If it is, you will automatically go into camera mode. To find out what his name is, here you guys just need to photo object. Before taking pictures, change the language into the language you use in the settings menu.

When taking pictures, keep the object clearly visible in order to facilitate identification. The process requires internet access, so it's fast or slow depending on your internet connection. When finished, the identification results will immediately appear on the search page.

The existence of this tool hopefully we can get the information of objects around us. Camfind is not only useful to find name object around you with the photographed. In addition, there are also other functions from CamFind can try among others text seach, QR scanners, the identification of images stored on a memory and voice search.

Google play link : CamFind - Find Name Object Around You