How to Factory Reset Samsung Smartphone Easy, Fast n Simple

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How To Factory Reset Samsung Smartphone Easy, Fast n Simple - One of most significant companies and nearly overwhelms smartphone market/Android-based table throughout the world is Samsung. The company originates from Southeast Asia exactly South Korea Country already producing tens of thousands of smartphones with different types and models. As for the flagship operating system in operating his cell phone, OS is Android created by Google.

Cooperation between both provides unlimited features and convenience to its users, both in conducting communication, surf in the virtual world, play games, watch videos and so on. Any operation is effortless, even operating system Android also gives freedom of its users, even though limited to access almost all the features contained therein.

Despite their many features, Samsung smartphones sometimes have problems on the Android operating system that he uses. For instance how it looks is imperfect caused by mistaken in doing settings, existence of Apps installed manually that cannot remove afterward, cell phone feels heavy when operated, users want to restore original settings and so on.

How to Factory Reset Samsung Smartphone Easy, Fast n Simple

Well solution over problem that most of already mentioned above is to do a Factory Reset or Hard Reset. Factory reset this function to restore all settings of phone to starting positions. Otherwise, come back in new State (initial conditions when a mobile phone is purchased). Impact caused after completion Hard/Factory Reset is causing all data/Apps stored on internal memory smartphones android erased permanently.

How to Factory Reset Samsung Smartphone Easy, Fast n Simple
How to Factory Reset Samsung Smartphone Easy, Fast n Simple

To a Factory Reset, Many ways can be done. Be it with Backup and Reset through the menu which is on the Android settings' menu, pressing a secret code on the dial pad, or via Recovery Mode by pressing button combination. Well, for those of you who want to do a factory reset, you should do a backup/move data, file, or Apps that are in memory (storage) internal phone to the external memory card (SD Card) or any other storage like hard drive into the computer or to Cloud storage. The goal is to make your data deleted and did not enter after performing a factory reset/hard reset you can return it to circumstances as they are.

1. Hard Reset Factory Samsung/Through Android settings Menu

How to Factory Reset Samsung Smartphone Easy, Fast n Simple
Samsung Smartphone Factory Reset Menu

first way is most easy to do hard reset Samsung smartphones against is via the Android settings' menu. To do this, please follow the instruction below:

  • Open menu "Settings/Settings/Settings ."
  • Scroll down, find and open menu "Backup and Reset."
  • Scroll down again and then tap on "Factory Data Reset."
  • Tap on "RESET DEVICE."
  • Press "OK/Yes " to confirm your choice.
  • The mobile phone will automatically restart.
  • Reset process may take about 2 to 5 minutes.
  • Completed.

2. Hard/Factory Reset Samsung via Dial Pad

How to factory reset Samsung smartphone
Dialpad Samsung Smartphone

Hard reset process is second this is one easy way to do it because you only need to open a menu of dial pad or call boards then enter the secret code to them.

  • Open menu "Phone " (a place to enter your telephone number).
  • Press a secret code * # #7780 * # * # * and press "Call/Call ."
  • A small box will appear, asking for your confirmation, please press "OK/Yes " to continue.
  • The mobile phone will automatically restart.
  • Reset process usually takes about 2 to 5 minutes. Wait until finished.
  • Completed.

3. Hard/Factory Reset Samsung Via Recovery Mode (CWM)

What is the Recovery Mode? Recovery Mode is menu provided by the provider to give access to users in performing some specific settings. For example to install a Stock ROM, delete second partition memory, backup and restore, and complete Hard Reset/Wipe Data.
Hard Reset through recovery has its advantages when compared to using two ways above because two ways above sometimes still have remnants of a file (file) in a phone's storage or other words not too clean. While this third way can clean up about 99% of remnants of a file that is in smartphone.

  • Disable/turn off Samsung Android device to off total.
  • Press physical "Home + Power + Volume up " simultaneously until the phone vibrates, then release.
  • Select the menu "Wipe Data/Factory Reset." To move selection, use Volume up/down and to choose the list, use the Power button.
  • Use volume down to select menu "Yes--Delete all user data " then hit Power button " " to confirm your choice.
  • Wait a few moments until the data removal process is complete.
  • Finally, select the menu "Reboot system now."
  • Completed.

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