Still 5 Best Apps Connect Screen to Notebook Fast n Simple

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Still 5 Best Apps connect screen to Notebook Fast n Simple - Few know that look of smartphone Android could show on another screen type, for example, LED TV. This way is commonly used as Mirroring and features that support this way is frequently referred to as Miracast.

Miracast this only works with device display. This feature does not work with a PC or laptop. Well, on this occasion, AndroidTick will discuss elements that slightly resemble Miracast but still able to connect with your Notebook or PC, the term connected merely screen displays or smartphone Android on PC.

To display smartphone screen or connect Android to PC. Put third-party applications. So, instead of special features embedded in smartphone Android. Then how can I make a screen smartphone Android could connect to a laptop or PC? The answer will describe the following five ways.

Still 5 Best Apps connect Screen to Notebook


1. BBQScreen


You can also display screen of your smartphone Android on PC using BBQScreen. There are two applications that you can install. First, Apps that fit on your PC or laptop and the second is an App installed on Android.

Particular applications that install in Android, you need to pay for this app. Yep, this app is not free because premium Apps, apparently you will be freed from a variety of ads appearing in Apps. How to install this app pretty quickly, which is as follows:

  • You install Apps on Remote BBQScreen first smartphone Android;
  • Then, visit site BBQScreen through the browser on Your laptop or PC;
  • Download rest according to your operating system or version of your laptop. If your notebook uses Windows 64 bit type, then select a 64-bit type;
  • After that, plug in your laptop or your computer, and then input Your IP config;
  • How to find out Your IP Config is using "command prompt" and then typing "ipconfig-a" (without quotation marks);
  • Open BBQScreen Apps for Android and click;
  • See your Address IP that is in Apps;
  • If it does not appear, check your internet connection;
  • See your Adress IP that appears in BQScreen Apps for Android;
  • Write down the IP that your Address in BQScreen installed on your PC or laptop
  • Congratulations, now screen display smartphone could appear on PC.


2. Screen Mirror - Best Apps Connect Screen to Notebook

Screen Mirror
Screen Mirror

Screen Mirror is an App that allows display screen smartphone Android You appear on your PC or laptop. This App does not bother their usage so that it can be done quickly by anyone. You can only follow the steps below:

  • Download Apps Screen Mirror on Google Play Store;
  • Turn on Your Android teetering on smartphone;
  • Connect to Your laptop or PC using WiFi tethering your smartphone;
  • Make sure there are no longer any other devices that connect to the same network;
  • Access to site Screen Mirror on your laptop or PC using Chrome or any other browser;
  • Site Screen Mirror will display QR code as in the picture above;
  • Scan QR code with Apps Screen on smartphone Mirror Your Android;
  • Congratulations, Your smartphone screen is now already connected with your PC or laptop;
  • Using Mirror Screen, you can do many things such as screenshots directly from your site or doing autorotation. This App does not allow transferring from Android to PC/laptop.


3. AirDroid


AirDroid is not only an App to display screen smartphone Android on PC. This App can also function as a file manager App that can be accessed using a PC though with limited features.

Use of AirDroid is most easily in way Android screen displays on PC. You only need to install Android applications on smartphone AirDroid and register an account AirDroid. Then, you access a site AirDroid in the browser on PC; you can also download AirDroid to your desktop.

To connect Android to PC, you must connect to the same WiFi network via the Local Connection Mode. Then, sign in with Your AirDroid account on a web AirDroid or AirDroid program. You must also log on using the same account on Android You smartphone.

With AirDroid, you can see Your Android with smartphone display features "screenshots" as in the picture above. This App can only display without full control like navigation on Android or Android from data transfer to a PC.
The exciting thing about this App is ease in accessing existing data in Android, such as access to videos, photos, and more. But, the feature is not as exciting if you buy Pro version AirDroid aka paid version. If you choose a paid version is AirDroid, you can get a variety of exciting features such as data transfer, not limited remote data quota, and of course without the ads. Best Apps Connect Screen to Notebook.


4. Vysor


Vysor is an excellent App to connect Android to PC screen. This App is also quite easy to use. Vysor to use, you can use the following steps:

  • All you need to do first is to do USB Debugging on Your Android smartphone;
  • To enable USB Debugging, you need to get into developer mode;
  • Each different smartphone how to enable this feature, but there is at the settings on the info "build number." Here, you need to tap seven times until there is a notice that Your smartphone is already getting into "developer mode."
  • If it goes into "developer mode," enable USB Debugging;
  • Download Apps to your Android Vysor in smartphone;
  • You open the Chrome browser on Your laptop or PC;
  • Install extension Vysor on Chrome, and start Apps Vysor;
  • After that, open Apps on Android and PC Vysor, later You will be asked to connect Your Android with a smartphone laptop or PC USB cable wear;
  • Vysor in PC will detect Android display screen like the image below;
  • If already connected, you can now navigate Android on your PC. You can install applications or remove applications and do many things such as using Android in General. If you want a complete feature, Vysor provides a premium version.


5. DroidScreen

Droid Screen
Droid Screen

Other ways to display screen smartphone Android on your laptop or PC using DroidScreen. It's just way it is less suitable for those of you who do not want to elaborate. Why? Because to use DroidScreen, you need to install applications and perform many USB Debugging.

One of the most elaborate is downloading the Android SDK, which is not everything familiar in its use. But, if you have no problem with this, you can try service by following instructions that are on site.

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