Still Best Browser in Android, 7 Apps Must Have

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Still Best Browser in Android, 7 Apps Must Have - Web Browser is one of the Apps that deliver a sense on our Android smartphone. The function of this Apps is to help us access the internet or World Wide Web (WWW). Browser Apps has typically been to-install by default on every Android device. But, not all browsers can give us browsing experience expected. Android users are expected to use one of 7 best browser in Android here.

Multiple third-party browser Apps can be download for free at Play Store that can provide the best browsing experience. Of all Apps, seven following Apps comes with exciting features and reliable performance.

Still Best Browser in Android, 7 Apps Must Have

1. Google Chrome Browser

With more than 1 billion downloads, Google-made liquid Chrome browser Apps a favorite. Chrome also usually installed on some Android devices. The Apps also has all features necessary to discuss the latest browser. This feature includes unlimited tabs, desktop synchronization, support for HTML5, display news articles (news article display), incognito mode, Google voice search, browsing experience faster and more secure.

Chrome Browser - Best Browser in Android
Chrome Browser

Google Chrome browser Android is considered safe and is best known for being made by Google. This browser can also be downloaded for free at Play Store and has two versions: Chrome beta and beta Chrome Dev.

Pros Google Chrome:
  • More easily control multiple tabs;
  • Provide a fast browsing experience and safest;
  • Features data-saver
  • Easy synchronization.
Cons Google Chrome:
  • Doesn't have support for an add-on;
  • Consuming too much ram

2. Opera Mini Browser

Opera Mini is a browser that is already well known to users of Android and iOS. This browser can also save our data when browsing. Besides the main features extraordinary that are Opera Mini also provides functionality to download videos from social media. In addition to light and can be downloaded for free, the browser also offers many essential features that must be owned by a browser.

Opera Mini Browsers - Best Browser in Android
Opera Mini Browser

Additional features which he carried include night mode, private browsing, data tracker, news updates, speed dial. These browsers also use cloud acceleration and data compression technology to provide the best possible experience for its users.

Pros Opera Mini Browser:
  • Integration of security features;
  • Have an intuitive interface;
  • Can load pages faster and conserve data usage;
  • Can download videos from social media.
Cons Opera Mini Browser:
  • Has some Add-ons that are a little bit.


3. Firefox Browser

Firefox belongs to has an excellent reputation as a desktop browser. Have much in common, desktop version of Firefox is one of best browser in Android that provides an exceptional browsing experience to its users. Of all significant features, Firefox also has support Add-ons, HTML5, and synchronization support.

Firefox Browsers - Best Browser in Android
Firefox Browser

You can also send video and web content from Android smartphone device to a TV equipped with the ability to stream. Firefox is a secure browser Android that can be used and downloaded for free at Play Store.

Pros Firefox Browser:
  • Provide easy access to some of the top sites;
  • Feature "fast sharing" on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Skype.
Cons Firefox Browser:

Loading on page weight often doesn't run smoothly.
Sometimes like freeze if too many open tabs.


4. Dolphin Browser

Dolphin has received several important awards since it was officially released. This Apps is developing by MoboTap and is a free browser available for Android and iOS. The Apps also has a set of attractive features, including features of HTML5, synchronization, incognito mode, HTML5 video player, tab browsing, support for flash player.


Dolphin Browser also comes with some add-on, and it features dolphin sonar, where users can use your voice to do searching, sharing, and navigation. This make Dolphin Browser no doubt is one of best browser in Android that provides reliable browsing experience to its users.

Pros Dolphin Browser:
  • Features shared with a knock;
  • Have a password manager;
  • It has an intuitive interface;
  • Have a fast download speed.
Cons Dolphin Browser:
  • Do not have a version for desktop;
  • Sometimes likes to freeze if it is too long in use.


5. Brave Browsers

Brave is an open source browser which can be download for free. This browser was launched in 2016 and has lots of features. Brave is an Android browser with a security level that can block tracker on a website and can also maintain the privacy of its users. This browser is indeed designed with a motive to provide a browsing experience fast and safe for users.

Brave Browsers - Best Browser in Android
Brave Browser

Also, Brave Browsers can reduce battery consumption and consumption data of its users, block third-party cookies. Essential features that it brings very similar to existing features in google chrome.

Pros Brave Browsers:
  • Has a plugin that maintaining the privacy of its users;
  • Has a password manager;
  • Very light;
  • A simple and minimalist look.
Cons Brave Browsers:
  • Because it is so simple that many people do not like;
  • Lacking much support adds on.


6. Puffin Browser

Puffin is an excellent choice for default browser on Android devices. CloudMosa releases it for the Android operating system, iOS, and Windows. This Apps is a free web browser with features to its loading speed and fantastic support for flash player to play flash content.

Puffin Browsers - Best Browser in Android
Puffin Browser

Puffin Browser also comes with a trackpad and a virtual gamepad, keyboard functions on screen and option to block annoying pop-ups automatically. Or features include cloud support, met with different colors for toolbar and sidebar tabs, incognito, etc.

Pros Puffin Browser:
  • Features cloud protection;
  • Have nice Flash support;
Cons Puffin Browser:
  • The speed of loading page is unstable, sometimes rapidly, and at our times on the contrary;
  • Banned in some countries, such as China and Saudi Arabia;


7. CM Browser

CM Browser is one of Android's browser is safe to use and has been favor by many users. The browser is free, lightweight, and comes with built-in antivirus that can do a scan at a time we did browsing.

CM Browser - Best Browser in Android
CM Browser

CM Browsers also provided essential features will be a favorite in its users, such as incognito mode dial, bookmarks, note, control signals, translator page.
This browser also allows us to download and save videos from various sites. Also, browsers can also be set to automatically delete all browsing history when we came out of that Apps (incognito).

Pros CM Browser:
  • Can download photos and videos from social media;
  • Protect files downloaded;
  • Lightweight and able to load page quickly.
Cons CM Browser:
  • There is no add-on available.

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