Still Best File Manager and Explorer Android, Try 8 This Apps

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Still Best File Manager and Explorer Android, Try 9 This Apps - File manager apps for Android apps is one of the vital and important to have. Appsini allows us to manage the files that we have on our device. Not least there is also a file manager apps help users to save storage space on their device.

Although some companies such as smartphone maker Xiaomi, LG, Huawei, LG, Samsung, and others have a default file manager on the device. Some apps that do not have as many features that belong to the file manager apps other third parties. The following is a list of 8 best file manager apps we can download in Google Play for free.

1. Solid Explorer File Manager

Next, there is the best Android app to manage files that are already well known, namely Solid Explorer. Apps that are already carrying the Material Design provides support for cloud storage, root, FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, SMB, and CIFS. It was not until there only; Solid Explorer presents to offer support Chromecast, archives, and compression, as well as a selection of themes.


Moreover, the reason why people prefer Solid Explorer compared to other apps is the ease of browsing the data on your device with the use of this apps. Solid Explorer can download for free via Google Play Store.

2. ASUS File Manager

The ASUS File Manager is the default file manager apps for smartphones with ROM Asus Zen UI. However, this appss are also available at the Store to Play all the other Android phones. Apliasi is free for download with no in-app purchases. The file manager has the design of a simple interface and easy to use, where each category to files stored on the device is displayed correctly. Lack of this File Manager I think Asus is just advertising in it.

Asus File Manager
Asus File Manager

The ASUS File Manager comes with a built-in recycle bin to help users restore deleted files to the recycle bin. Other features included that make it one of the best file manager apps on Android is the search option file, LAN access, and SMB, Cloud storage, compressing and electricity-an extract file, and more.

This apps also provides a feature to hide our files in Hidden his Cabinet. This apps also has a storage analyzer that can help us clear a space on the storage device when needed.

3. ES File Explorer File Manager - Still Best File Manager and Explorer Android

ES File Explorer is a file manager apps on Android is excellent and has many extra features that many love users. These features include file management features important, like copy/paste, cut, delete, and add files or folders.

Still Best File Manager and Explorer Android ES File Manager
ES File

The apps also come with Space Analyzer that can clean the history and cache to clear storage space. Also, the file manager also provides a service to share files such as music, pictures or video with the user's File Explorer the other ICE. ES File Explorer File Manager also features the apps manager, which allows users to manage apps that are on the device.

Users can also customize the look in the file manager uses the theme. The file manager also allows users to manage their files stored on cloud storage such as SkyDrive, DropBox, GoogleDrive and more. Also, the apps also have the root explorer for a device that is already root.

This apps is free for download but contains less advertising interfere with its use. However, this apps is also one of the best file manager apps on Android with comprehensive features.

4. ASTRO File Manager

Astro File Manager is a file manager on Android with full-featured and free of advertising. The file manager can help users organize their files that are in the internal memory, memory card, even in Cloud Networks. The apps also have an intuitive interface and smooth featuring various categories such as storage location or Cloud service. Also, the apps also feature a built-in download manager which can be useful when users are downloading a big file.


Astro File Manager was also present with SD Card Usage Manager that will help users organize their storage spaces, features Task Killer to lay off running apps, and the App Manager feature where users can quickly uninstall or make a backup file on apps that to install on the device. Also, this apps can also be cut and extract the data, move files between storage cloud, SMB or LAN access, and provides many other important features.

5. Total Commander

Existing features in Total Commander already covers all the important features needed by users. With a dark interface, users will be able to manage the files that are on the device easily.

Total Commander
Total Commander

This apps also supports a variety of file types, cloud storage, and networking, plugin to support FTP access and LAN. Also, the file manager also supports root access and has the features as well as the file name sorting bookmarks and much more. Total Commander is entirely free for download with no in-app purchases, and also does not contain advertising.

6. MK File Explorer

MK File Explorer is one of the best file manager apps in Android that brings the user interface simple and charming. These apps can also display two panels of the window to access the file. Move/copy files between different folders by using the panel's fit two will make it very quickly done. The panel in addition to the interface of the app also displays the bookmark to a folder.

MK Explorer
MK Explorer

This apps has the design material and basic file management features such as copy/paste, delete, hide, and create shortcuts to folders for easy access. Although this apps does not support the cloud storage or networking, MK File Manager has a feature that includes other important features such as file/folder search tool, ZIP and RAR support, default text editor, music player, and also a gallery has support for multiple languages. Overall, MK File Manager is one of the best file manager apps in the Android which is very lovely and is also free.

7. File Manager

This app can also be the best solution for you in control of all the files that you have on the phone storage. Apps without paying this offer convenience for the users in the set of all files and data on the smartphone.


You can set up all the files that are stored either in the Main Storage, SD Card, USB Storage, even the data stored in the file Downloads. Not only that, even crime apps Flashlight + Clock striking Remote feature where you can monitor your files with NAS and servers rely on FTP.

8. Amaze File Manager

Amaze File Manager is still in beta, but this app is pretty good and has a lot of features. This apps is available for free with no ads and is an open source app that focuses on the user experience that is light and smooth.


The interface is also quite practical which is owned by the panel in the side that displays shortcuts to frequently opened folders heading such as folder movies, music, images, and downloads. The display folder that is on the panel can also be adjusted. Users also can even create bookmarks and add the folder panel. Also, the apps also support FTP and SMB file sharing; the dam had a feature Manager apps, navigation, root access for devices that have root and many more.